Quantum Medical Billing Services is a leading provider of innovative medical billing services, credentialing services and account receivable management.

Arkansas 30 Ayla Drive C105  Little Rock, AR 72223

Pennsylvania 130 North 4th Street, Sunbury PA 17801

Email: info@quantumbilling.net
Toll-Free Number: (877) 786-2040
Phone: 302-703-7994
Fax: 302-261-7479


Other Services

Remote IT Support Services

With our IT professionals & remote access software, we resolve your IT related concerns remotely e.g. managing files, software maintenance & systems updates. We are expert in training your staff on various softwares keep them posted with latest upgrades. Which helps you

  • Save money spent on in-house IT personnel
  • Receive attention & care 24/7

You can expect us to provide

  • Paperless documents i.e. Soft data in the form of an image (PDF etc), official forms, handwritten notes, invoices & business cards and more for your use.
  • Data Scanning in which we process your manual data into digital format
  • Customized data entry & processing to suit your needs & required output parameters