Quantum Medical Billing Services is a leading provider of innovative medical billing services, credentialing services and account receivable management.

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Columbia Pain Management

1200 Freas Avenue, Berwick PA 18603

Quantum Billing Services (run by Raja Jamil) handles the practice’s billing and allows provider to concentrate on patient care. The team is very professional and provides personalized support to practice staff and patients. Having an excellent billing company makes a big difference in practice’s bottom line and helps practice to run its operations smoothly. Quantum Billing Services is simply working as virtual office of our practice. What Quantum Billing has achieved for the Practice; 12% decrease in total AR for the practice. 3 % AR maintained in over 90 days for billing done by Quantum. 99% percent success rate maintained upon first claims submission. Software up gradation Trainings and implementations. Data Migration from old PM system to the new PM system. Worked on EHR and maintained the patient’s Medical records without any error. Smartly worked on the mapping of ICD-10 from ICD-9. Helped to clear the audit from Medicare for Meaningful use held in 2015. Working on all type of Enrollments, Credentialing and Revalidation with Government and Commercial Payers.

They are also working on IT side of my office systems, Server and maintaining the security checks applied to Meaningful use. Communicating with EDI & other vendors to reduce the practice staff’s work. They also work on scheduling and appointment confirmation with the patients. Patient statement and follow-up for collections from patients. Answering all the patient calls, queries about the scheduling, Patient bills and statements. Providing reports on daily & monthly basis as per requirements. One of the major services provided by the practice is trigger point injection (20552, 64418, 64420, 64421, and 64450) which was not getting paid by the major insurances. There were around 200 claims for the amount of $109,000.00. The problem has been fixed with all the insurances and all the previous and current claims got reimbursed according to the contract. J3301 was being rejected by all the insurance companies as unlisted service, previously. These claims re-processed correctly and all the claims got paid by all the insurances. Quantum billing is also doing remote maintenance of software, hardware problem diagnosis, server maintenance and security of the data as required by HIPPA and Medicare to fulfill all the PQRSI requirements. Quantum Billing is highly recommended as professional medical billers and allied services.